Vendor Info

Qualifications: All art or crafts accepted MUST be hand-crafted by the individual. (Please remember the success of this show depends on the quality of work displayed). If we discover your items are not locally handmade you will be asked to withdraw.

Tables: All tables are 6 feet in length with the exception of a few 8 foot tables. Tables are placed in the large school gym, community gym (used as a “tea room”) and adjoining hallway. No commission will be charged on sales. Exhibitors are responsible for their own cash and packaging.



Advertising: Every effort will be made to publicize the Craft Fair citywide. Please use the Craft Fair flyer, our Facebook page (Ermineskin Craft Fair) to promote your involvement in this year’s Craft Fair.

Photos: Please email photos of your crafts to eclcraftfair [at] gmail [dot] com. We will post them on this blog to help vendors and shoppers see what we have to offer.


For further information or if you have suggestions for this year’s Craft Fair, please like our Facebook page (Ermineskin Craft Fair) or email us at eclcraftfair [at] gmail [dot] com.

*To thank our loyal return vendors we are happy to allow you to apply now for a guaranteed spot for 2017 and we will take requests for specific table locations–this is a perk only available to return vendors!*



  1. 1

    I am interested in being a vendor at your Christmas Craft Fair, but i need more information. How much do you charge for the tables?

    I make my own jewelry from semi-precious beads and pendants, swarovski crystal, glass beads and pendants, and murano glass. Could you please let me know if you have room left for your fair?

    Thank you for your attention,
    Edith Jensen

    • 2

      Hi Edith,

      Thanks for your interest! Your jewelry sound great. We are still accepting applications — please download a registration form from the “Registration” tab above. Tables are $70 each.

  2. 3
    Chenelle Says:

    I am interested in becoming a vendor for the 2012 year, Are you excepting vendors yet?

    • 4

      Hi Chenelle,

      Yes, we are already accepting applications. Please see the Registration tab to download a copy of this year’s application form. Thanks for your interest!

      -The Craft Fair Committee

  3. 5

    Hello I make toys art dolls and , puppets plus ages more surprises.please consider me for your fair.
    Thank you for your time Kate

    • 6

      Hi Kate,

      Please see the Registration tab to download a copy of this year’s application form. Once your application is submitted, you will be considered for this year’s Craft Fair. Thanks for your interest!

      -The Craft Fair Committee

  4. 7
    amy Says:

    Hello I went to your craft show this year! There was a vendor selling cupcake bathbombs! Do you have their information?
    Thanks so much

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